Citizens need to know and understand the U.S. role in creating the pain, death, destruction and refugee crisis that is Syria today. If the actions of the U.S. in purposely destabilizing Syria for geopolitical gain do not reflect your values you need to speak out. The purpose of this website is to provide you with links to articles from varied sources that will enable a broad understanding of the Syrian conflict, ways to speak out, and links to refugee aid organizations.


rise of ISIS was intended
the CIA/Saudi/ Syria connection -  US has long used Saudi money for covert ops
Hillary Clinton/Syria
again Hillary Clinton w/ more insight on provoking Syrian conflict
media and Syria
since 2006 the U.S, has been working to destabilize Syria, wanting regime change
how the U.S. created Islamic extremists - very good
fascinating interview on Syrian conflict w/Joshua Landis of Syria Comment
confusing evidence on chemical weapons
very good Syria background and pipeline info
more conflict background
long, readable article on background to our wanting to undermine Assad
very complex web of those promoting Syrian regime change
the U.S, plans new Syrian government for after regime change
there is a natural gas pipeline at stake in the Syrian conflict
U.S. Senators and Representatives often state that Syrian government forces are responsible for a huge majority of the deaths in Syria - that is wrong
Wikipedia has good info on syrian chemical attacks under U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government's Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21 2013,_2013
a lively take on reasons...
Role of U.S. Ambassador to in Syrian uprising
two excerpted paragraphs from mondoweiss:

It takes effort to be an informed citizen. The following links to articles about the  Syrian conflict should be enlightening.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Syria

Analysis of Syrian 2014 elections and support for Assad

Very good background for understanding Syrian conflict

Thoughts on PBS Frontline
In 2012 there was a UN brokered plan, Geneva l communique, but Secretary of State Clinton undermined the agreement by insisting that Assad must go first.

The graph clearly shows the huge growth in number of refugees AFTER the 2012 UN brokered peace plan was undermined by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisting that Assad must go FIRST.

Solution for Syria

In a democracy, citizens are responsible for what their government does.If you are uncomfortable with accepting responsibility for the pain, death and destruction brought about by attempting regime change in Syria - SPEAK UP


International Rescue Committee
American Refugee Committee
Global Giving Foundation